I guess I have to introduce myself…so, Hi!

Hey there, Internet!

My, you’re a large, scary beast. And when exactly did you get that forehead tattoo? Never mind that, I’m just glad to see you again.

So, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. My name is Emma, Emma Nunya (as in Nunya Business) and I love to read. Yep, It Can Read. Very unique, original title, I know. I spent a whole five minutes trying to think of something. I’m 18, heading off to college in the fall to be some sort of English major (possibly Comparative Literature? Who knows, not me) with certification in both Elementary and Secondary Education. I have a passion for both reading and writing (and free books– publishers, pay attention!) and so I figured, why not mash the two together into some sort of blog?

(Fair Warning: I have tried to write a blog before, but I always seem to lose motivation.)

(Also, I love using parenthesis, so get used to a bunch of asides :))

(Also, how do you use emojis with parenthesis? I neeed my emojis :,()

(Eh, I’ll figure it out eventually.)

Back to what I was saying…what was I saying?

OH yeah!

I’m going to be reading and reviewing on this blog, possibly newer stuff but probably older stuff that I get at thrift stores until I

a) Have a paying job with flexible hours, or

b) Get famous enough to get free books from publishers/authors (Hello again 😉 )


I’ll post my first review later today, but as for now I have to get to class.



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