Who I Am

Hey there, fellow internet-dependents,

I’m guessing you’re questioning (and rightly so) who I am exactly and what gives me the right to critique anything ever. Well, the answer is that just like almost any other critic,




Sure, I’ve been reading since I was three years old, and sure I have a passion for good reading, and sure I want to be an English major with a focus in Creative Writing, but that doesn’t mean squat diddly at the end of the day. When it comes down to it, I don’t have any kind of special talent that makes me better than the next shmuck at judging books.


But hey, I enjoy it, so screw that!


Anywho… me as a person.

I’m 18, a lady, and I live in the States. That’s about it for now–

Sorry, fans. I must somehow maintain the air of mystery :*